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Newest Let's Play Videos

Let's Play Theme Hostpial
by Madnek
Police Quest II with Zerfall
by Zerfall
Lets Play - Sonic Adventure - Part 1
by MrTimmat0
Let's Play Portal 2 with gnarvin
by gnarvin
Let's Play Portal with gnarvin
by gnarvin
Minecraft Survival Island 2.0
by chibikage89
Breath of Fire IV (PC)
by TrevimusPrime
Rise of the Dragon (Sega CD)
by TrevimusPrime
Let's Play Paper Mario Episode 1
by SilverArwing
PQ III: The Kindred w/ Zerfall
by Zerfall
Let's Play Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance!
by MrRudiMentary
Let's Play Icewind Dale
by yodogWizard
LUMM Unity of Command Soviet
by Halceon
Let's Play Epic Mickey
by LemonCurdAddict1234
Let's Play Darksiders: Wrath of War
by mamberu

Random Let's Plays

Dragon Age II PC Mage Walkthrough
by Snapwave
Let's Play 7th Saga
by Mysterious JG
Lets Play Aliens vs Predator Gold [P1]
by TheGuyWithTheHeadset
lets play morrowind
by baskas
Let's Play Tropico
by Joker
Let's Play Fatal Frame (Blind)
by Taco Dan
Let's Play: Dragon Age: Origins!
by Skwee
Pokemon Diamond Part 1 THREE DOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ultramatrixgamingfox
Let's Play Gravity Bone
by Zak
Tobias plays Elemental, War of Magic
by tonberrytoby
Let's Play the Oregon Trail Part 1
by SuperPaulGames
Asher lets plays Anno1404
by Asher535
Let's Play : Hostile Waters
by sat0n101
Let's Play! Master of Orion
by iPope

VoltronArmy Podcasts

Episode 13 - Role Issues
Episode 12 - Heresy!(download available shortly)
Episode 11 - The Derp Count
Episode 10 - Mudkip? WHAT IS IT?!
Episode 9 - Jokes Ahoy!
Episode 8 - Scottish Hell is Creepy.
Episode 7 - Chop Chop.
Episode 6 - Bandwagon Modding.
Episode 5 - Popcorn Required.
Episode 4 - Happy Grimnas!
Episode 3 - A god and brainz!
Episode 2 - Cut!
Episode 1 - Ping!
Episode 0 - Pilot

  • The Catfish
VA Topics:
  • Grimnas!
  • The new Youtube layout
Gaming Topics:
  • Mechwarrior Online - free to play Mechwarrior on CryEngine 3
  • Jagged Alliance Online - beta signups
  • Xenonauts
  • Voltron: Defender of the Universe
  • Skyrim creation kit/Steam workshop
  • S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2's DRM
  • Morrowind Overhaul Version 2.0 coming this Grimnas!
Let's Player Spotlightbutnotreallythistime:
  • Catfish's Old Channel! Go and demand for more videos there!

VoltronArmy News


Forum Upgrades

The VoltronArmy forums are getting a facelift. We're finally moving to vBulletin!


Well, we've had a number of issues with phpbb including armies of spam bots, emails not going out, and a number of other minor things. vBulletin should resolve at least the email issues, and provide a new layer of defence against the spamarmy, but also it has a ton of new features that I think the community will enjoy. All user names, posts, etc will be transfered over, but don't be shocked if the theme is broken for a few days.

The Let's Play submission tool, and the VATv scheduler will probably also be broken for a day or two as these currently utilize the forum login for authentication, and will need to be updated.

**Update** The transition has been completed, and VAtv & LP link submission has been updated to utilize vBulletin's login.


VAtv Goes Live!

I'm excited to announce that today we lauched VAtv!

What is VAtv, you ask?

VAtv is a place for you to share your live stream, or to check out what other people have going on. You can sign up for a timeslot and put on your own show, or check out the schedule to find out when to drop by for some fun.

Submit your Let's Play to Voltron Army

Let's Play Links now being accepted for all types of Let's Plays. Let's play videos, Let's play forum threads, or any other type of LP you can imagine, it's all welcome. Just use the search feature here on the home page to look up the video game. Once you've found it you should see the links to submit your Let's Play videos or threads, and video game reviews.**

I can't wait to see what the community has been brewing up!

**You must be registered and logged into the forums to access these functions.